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Tiling supplies quickly delivered

Deadline pressure is part of everyday life in the building trade. Nobody can afford to wait long for tiling supplies. Because we have been working together with many tilers since the beginning of the millennium, we know this problem and have found a solution for it. We have taken the delivery service for our tile rails and other tiling accessories into our own hands.

Within a radius of about 200 kilometers around our company headquarters in Luedinghausen, we are on the road with our transporters to supply you quickly and reliably with the tiling accessories you need to complete your order on time. By dispensing with external haulage companies, we can simply reach you faster in our immediate vicinity. Of course, you also have the option of collecting the required materials directly on-location in Luedinghausen yourself.

Germany-wide delivery for tiling requirements, also as express delivery on request

We are happy to deliver to all customers who trust our competence and selection further than 200 kilometers away from us with the help of parcel services and haulage companies. And if you are in a hurry, we can deliver your tile rails and everything else you need with express delivery. In just 24 hours possible (for orders placed by 2 p.m.), you will then be ready for new tasks. Not only speed, but also the sustainability of our delivery service is of great value to us.

That is why we focus on sustainability and the avoidance of superfluous packaging when delivering our products. Of course, this avoidance is not at the expense of material and product protection. Just try out how quickly and reliably we can deliver tile rails and other tiling accessories to you.

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